Kim Phuong Newman’s Artwork by Hung Nguyen

Kim Phuong’s Artwork
Kim Phuong Newman

Kim Phuong Newman is an unknown and hidden artist in the Vietnamese community of Portland, Oregon. Her hard work is to make pictures by using dried flowers, leaves, the bark of dried plants, and all kinds of other natural materials.

Once she told me that, “Do not take away any kind of dust trash in your home or garden. I saved them to make picture for you,” she said. She built a wild picture from trash and dust. This makes me have feelings about her heart.

Kim Phuong is a creator of thousands of beautiful pictures that many people treasure. Her artwork is about natural materials such as dried pressed flowers and plants. Her showroom is on every Saturday at the Expo Center located in Portland, Oregon. The exhibition dates are open to public on Saturday events.

I have known her because we are the volunteer teachers at Van Lang Vietnamese School. She is helping young students learning Vietnamese language, art, and dancing. She is known as an Artist, who can make thousands of pictures from leaves, the soft and hard lumber, sticks of wood with water color.

Once when I sit down in my room and looked on the channel 10 for PBS program, I watched a famous artist painting his picture. After he has done a traditional picture, there is the key to the whole feeling underlying such a picture as the present. A less sincere artist, or one caught in the toils of traditional art, would have set about composing the figures. I like the fine art because the artist has not only made one fantastic and wonderful artwork, but he or she also gave us the soul of life when looking inside the picture.

If in the past, there were only men who could do artwork then today the artists are women. I have brought to you some pictures as evidence of her soul and heart. Kim Phuong began to record the lives of such artists. Only a great artist can make great art, and only the greatest of the great are remembered.

When I first met Phuong and asked her about her current occupation? She said, “I am a framed picture seller. I do artwork for sale.” I would like to know more about that and she said, “Stop by Expo Center for exhibition show dates.” At Vietnamese New Year event she sold her artwork there every year. In the world, most artists are men rather than women, and I believe that in the world, most men have good academic art education while women do not. In history, women were not allowed to study the art major. Only women whose father was an artist could learn, but not from school. Don’t you think Kim Phuong learned art at some school? She has told me, no, she did not study at school. She just learned it by herself.

Today, Kim Phuong is a resident of Washington State. She arrived in the US from 2002 with her husband Bob Newman. She is now 56 years old. Her occupation is working independently, making artwork by using all kind of dried pressed flowers, leaves, and plants.

While Leonardo Da Vinci was educated and had a degree for his art, Kim Phuong Newman has never been educated at any school or college. Her thoughts on the nature of dust, barks, dried flowers and leaves, and trash fruits, comprise a contribution to today generation of artists. Of course Kim Phuong is yet not a famous artist as well as other artists, but look at her hard works of art and thoughts gave us the feelings of soul life. Keeping the dust trash to draw new pictures is not easy at all.

(Her artwork)
Kim Phuong's Artwork

Kim Phuong's artwork

Today, most of us use the images and pictures that are being made or captured by digital camera. Most pictures taken by digital cameras give us full natural color. However, between high tech pictures captured with cameras and traditional pictures made by hand are two parallel developing branches.

In conclusion, I think that we were born on this earth is to make this world to be better and better. I have known her because her name is in the list of authors of writing for story articles on Vietnamese American book. American Life book is a book that most authors writing about the American life under many different ways of writing for the life, from themselves, include activities, works, explores, and more than that.

Her first talent is writing a story about American Life. “Give and Take”, a story brings her close to our community with the warm words from her soul. When writing it down on paper, she does not think that it challenged her about time and family situations. The two links below are the links to her story saved in Vietnamese language. Click on to learn Vietnamese if you want to. (about author) (Second story)

Her first story is about “Personal Thanksgiving Mother,” her mother-in-law. The author is a volunteer teacher of the school of Van Lang Portland, Oregon. The following article was written personnel 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Van Lang Vietnamese School in Portland, Oregon.

Here are procedures and materials to make

[Data: bark, moss, flower, leaves, plants] –> [cooked, pressed, dried] –> [color and put them on canvas papers with painting glues] –> [fresh products] –> [Frame your artwork].

Because this is relate to her current job, I cannot write it in details how to make step by step. If you want to learn more please contact artist, Kim Phuong Newman.

And here is about our conversation on the Interview day:

1) When did you start your work of art? (Could you introduce yourself to our readers? (When did you start your work of art? How did you learn and teach yourself art? Are you a full-time artist currently? Do you teach art?)

My name is Kim Phuong Newman. I became familiar with the art of painting with dried pressed flowers, leaves, and natural materials since 2009. I did not graduate in college, taught art at all. I also never thought that I would do a work that related to art, especially about painting as painting or paintings for the rest of my life. I enjoyed gardening, growing flowers, and planting all kinds of flowers. Once during a walk in the woods (the forest, back garden), my husband picked up some dried bark with strange shapes (later I know they call it………………). I took off dried barks and thought, “Why do not I try to cut the bark and put them into the bottles, and then mix them with flower arrangement, and then paste on the paper? The first picture is just the petals in the garden provides plug dried in jars of different shapes contraction is cut off, torn from the tree bark. My husband loves to do frame and hang it on the wall. I started few pictures at the starting dates and some more pictures later on. Hanging and showing them to my neighbors to play, give them nice, and then they order as gifts for family and for the loved ones.

That was the beginning of my work of art, becoming a competitive artist of dried flowers, leaves and trees.

When it becomes true love painting jobs with dried flowers in my favorites and the happiness, I started searching some good tips on the web to learn more of relevant experience in their work. I know more about how to choose flowers for pressing, keeping long brutal color, material, saving good accessory to maintain the longevity of paintings. By receiving communicate and share experiences’ very artist made many paintings dried flowers in the world such as the US, China, Russia, India, Japan, gradually my work be evaluated with much better technical detail and abundant rich ideas than before.

There are some schools and colleges want to contact me come to teach their students. They want I teach their students to compete but I cannot accept because I think I am as a painter only.

For not able to stores to purchase materials available on painting, all the materials I had made the first step and it is sometimes difficult to find enough materials for a painting intended to do so for a majority is very difficult.

2) What distinguishes from dried pressed trees and real plants of your artwork?

When you a little bit far away the picture, you see it as a real scene, but if standing closer the picture, you can see it is unreal one. All dried pressed bark, and moss are made.

3) How do you make your artwork? (How long does it take you to complete one artwork?)

I usually make the paintings according to their self-images some sketches or pictures that I took as a model. Most of paintings are drawn on scene.

4) What are the art tools? What materials have you used? (dried plants, flowers, paper, oyster glue, etc.)

Previously, I used many kinds of flowers in the garden, but the part about three years back in history, I used to use almost as much as the dried leaves and a kitchen paring like banana peels, corn, onion skins, peel garlic such as my practices.

Save dried pressed flowers in few years later, by the long time enough, it will lose the color, which should be very limited in use.

Assorted autumn leaves lots different colors, I often carefully choose to drying and pressing a lot. To add some color appropriate to use the expression of the specific details. Some leaves are cooked, bleached, and dyed. Also the types of bark, moss of tree, bark of fruits are used in my work.

The materials attached to each other by non-toxic glue.

5) What type of paper do you use for your artwork?

Canvas papers

7) What do you use to clean up after painting with acrylic?

What you use to clean up after painting with acrylic?

6) Do you have any tips to share for making about your painting or artwork? Do you have any tips to share to paint or work on your art?

Do not throw away things in the kitchen garbage and in your garden. Send me them, I will do a painting.

8) Have you read any art-books, or Instructional related to art mediums? Have you read any of the arts, media or teaching related to art?

I am a member of the World Wild Flower Pressing Guild. We often exchange experiences and books related to art paintings dried flowers.

9) Lastly, do you think other artists should I interview next? Finally, what other artist do you think I should interview next?

10) Where do you often sale your artwork? How does it cost for one artwork? Where do you usually sell your artwork? How do costs for a work of art?

I sell paintings at the Art Show is usually held in Silverton, Lake Oswego, Export Center … Price paintings hourly workers making paintings. My ranges for the prices are from $150 to $600. The paintings of dried flowers are to be sale only after carefully framed so very fragile, perishable.

Click here to go to Kim Phuong Newman Artwork Gallery


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  1. I hope I have already told you how much I like this final project. You took up a very suitable subject — the artist and her work — and really created an interesting page of material. The art, the artist herself, your gentle voice as a writer — it is all very good work. Thanks a million!


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