What’s Wrong With Being a Selfish and Terrible Person Objectivism


I’d like to begin this by giving Ayn Rand a huge shout out for creating probably the worst philosophy known to mankind, also known as objectivism. If you’re not familiar, it’s basically the belief that every single person should work for their own personal good, and put themselves and their happiness above all else as their moral purpose in life. It’s the ideology that we owe it to ourselves to be happy through the total utilization of personal self interest and absolute capitalism. So what is so skewed about objectivism?

First of all, it should be noted that Rand was born in 1905 in Russia, and as the Russian Revolution started when she was just twelve, she got to witness all the horrors of communism and fascism firsthand. While this philosophy of hers might have applied in that current situation because of the atrocities happening around her, its general gist is basically let’s be pricks individually rather than collectively.

Objectivism is not in any way backed by evidence, science or even some relatively consistent fallacy, yet it has declared one of its main pillars to be “reason.” One of the bald assertions that Rand makes relates to axiom of existence, which refers to a concept or idea that cannot be refuted without being used as a premise.

All in all this philosophy sucks because Ayn Rand was ineffective in making a single viable argument in defense to her ideas and just went on and on about how great objectivism was, having no qualms about repeatedly and harshly drilling her point across. No seriously, have you ever read Atlas Shrugged? Feels like someone’s relentlessly trying to shove your head into a small box, which only results in feelings of resentment and a massive headache.

Another issue I have with objectivism is that it puts community in the very very very last place. The way we were created and how we’ve evolved and survived in the past is because we managed to coexist and care for each other. A healthy society is in which individuals are able to band together and become stronger and grow with each other, cultivating our abilities to empathize and relate to one another. This idea of always putting yourself first and ignoring the needs of others is incredibly faulty because it will inevitably just lead to self destruction.

Combining this aspect of community with the economic world we live in today, it’s just a really unrealistic approach to our society. There are so many people out there who are struggling financially and rely on people and programs that would help them out. And you know what, I’m totally okay with sacrificing some of my assets and time to spread around a little bit of love and help to others. Objectivists tend to look down upon society in a more harsh manner, with a more of a “each man for themselves” outlook, which I think is a recipe for disaster in the long run. It all just comes down to the question of whether or not you are more concerned with having complete and total autonomy over your actions and desires, or if you’re willing to sacrifice some individual rights in order for the community to flourish and function as a whole.

What’s ironic is that Ayn Rand was welfare’s biggest opposer – until she got sick, at which point she became its biggest fan, receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits for the last eight years of her life. It’s just interesting because it shows how relative and unstable your life opinions and doctrine really are when they only depend on your desire to satisfy your personal self interest. It’s clear to see that the main reason Rand was so against welfare and government help is that she took for granted that she wasn’t in that position herself.

Alyssa Bereznak, a staff writer for The Ringer, wrote a really interesting article called “How Ayn Rand Ruined My Childhood.” It was a great example of how objectivism is able to so strongly influence the lifestyle of people, and in an astonishingly negative way. The whole article was a great read with loads of relevant anecdotes and I recommend that you all read it. It focused on Alyssa’s dad and how his infatuation with objectivism tore their family apart and really messed with her upbringing. A moment that really stood out to me was when Alyssa’s brother was hogging all the food at the table and she complained about his selfishness to her dad. He replied with “being selfish is a good thing … to be selfless is to deny one’s self. To be selfish is to embrace the self, and accept your wants and needs.” This was just insane to me, as I couldn’t believe that someone could genuinely hold this sort of opinion about life. People are already self-absorbed enough, and the way I see it, this philosophy is just adding more coal to the flames.

Another thing that causes me to be really unsympathetic to the cause of objectivism is the fact that Ayn Rand is a complete and total downer. I mean come on, the woman did a whole spiel on her thoughts on humor and how it’s “monstrous” to laugh at yourself and that the punch lines of jokes are unnecessary and insipid. Given that objectivists are all about being rational, apparently being humorous is considered to be a “hideous vice.” As someone who basks in the light of almost all humor – puns, wittiness, innovative banter, memes, comedy programs, etc., I consider this to be a major flaw in the philosophy. Humor is an invaluable element of society, used for connecting and relating with others.

The core of Rand’s philosophy… is that unfettered self-interest is good and altruism is destructive.” The things listed above are just a couple of reasons of why objectivism is intensely detached from reality, and in all honesty, is a lifestyle that promotes being willfully cold-blooded and apathetic towards others.

1 thought on “What’s Wrong With Being a Selfish and Terrible Person Objectivism”

  1. Thanks so much for this! In the interest of “fairness,” many mediocre thinkers like Ayn Rand have been elevated above the status they truly deserve. Essentially, she’s telling her fans what they LOVE to hear: everything here is YOURS, you owe nothing to anyone, you are simultaneously very special AND very much alone. Lies, half truths, misrepresentations — we would all do well to debunk her philosophy. Good work!


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